You are currently viewing 6th September, Defense Day of Pakistan – The Land of Soldiers
6th September, Defense Day of Pakistan - The Land of Soldiers

6th September, Defense Day of Pakistan – The Land of Soldiers

Pakistan is celebrating Defence Day on September 6 to commemorate the sacrifices made by Pakistan troops in 1965, the most significant event in Pakistan’s history. On that day, Pakistan not only shielded itself but also made it clear that our defense is impregnable. 

India chose a surprise attack against Pakistan over the Lahore border in the dark to achieve its atrocious motive, but our defense surprised them. It was a time when the entire nation gathered, united at all levels, and defended the country on all fronts.

This was a complex and bitter struggle that went on many days and nights, with victims on both sides.

The Pakistan army put up a valiant defense and repulsed them, therefore declaring that day to be Pakistan Defense Day.

The conflict ended with the mediation attempt of the global community.

The Importance of Defense Day

It is essential to commemorate the courage, valor, and determination of our heroes and to remember the days when they laid down their lives for the future generation. They gave their blood so that the future generation could live in peace.

The youth must be proactive, make serious efforts for positive change, and play an active role in making Pakistan a better place. 

As a nation, we must stick together and not falter against any aggression. 

How is it celebrated? 

On this day, the patriotic citizens of Pakistan perform flag-raising ceremonies, awards ceremonies, singing patriotic songs, and military programs are carried out all over the country.

Team051 stands in solidarity with the army and their families and honors its heroes for their selfless service to our beloved country. And salute them for their extraordinary heroics and for preserving the sovereignty of Pakistan.