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About Islamabad

Islamabad- the Beautiful

In the early days of independence, it was felt that a new and permanent Capital City had to be built to reflect the cultures, traditions, hopes, aspirations, and dreams of all diverse ethics, linguistic and regional groups that constituted the Pakistani nation. It was considered prudent and in the national interest to locate the Federal Capital where it could be isolated from the onslaught of business and commercial interests and yet be easily accessible from even the remotest corner of the country. In view of the Islamic ideology of the country, the Federal Capital had to be located closer to the Muslim areas of Central Asia and in close proximity of the fraternal people of Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

A commission was accordingly constituted in 1958 and entrusted with the task of selecting a suitable site for the National Capital with particular emphasis on location, climate, logistic, defense requirements, aesthetic, scenic, and natural beauty.

Pakistan’s Capital ISLAMABAD nestles against the backdrop of the Margalla Hills at the northern end of Pothowar Plateau. It offers a healthy climate, a pollution-free atmosphere, plenty of water, and a lush green area.

It is a modern and carefully planned city with wide tree-lined streets, large houses elegant public buildings, and well-organized bazaars/markets/shopping centers. There are rarely crowds or traffic jams and few narrow lanes or slums; the walkways are shaded & safe and separated from the traffic by rows of flame trees, jacaranda, and hibiscus. Rose, Jasmine & bougainvillea fills the parks and scenic viewpoints shoe the city to its best advantage.

Islamabad today is the heart and soul of Pakistan, a city that symbolizes the aspirations of a young and dynamic nation that looks forward to a glorious future for its people, a city that welcomes modern ideas but at the same time recognizes and cherishes its traditional values and its past history.


Total Area             width 906.50 Sq. Km
Islamabad Proper             width 220.15 Sq. Km
Islamabad Park             width 220.15 Sq. Km
Islamabad Rural             width 466.00 Sq. Km
Allocated Area   3626.00 Sq. Km


Seasons Max. Avg Min. Avg
Winter (Oct-Mar   16.6 3.4
Summer (Apr-Sep 34.2 14.4