You are currently viewing CDA’s Strenuous Efforts to make Islamabad Highlighted

CDA’s Strenuous Efforts to make Islamabad Highlighted

CDA’s Strenuous Efforts to make Islamabad Highlighted

  • Retrieving land from land grabbers
  • Planting new saplings
  • Work on further developmental projects


Capital Development Authority ensures the safeguard of rights of residents and helps them get all the facilities in a peaceful environment. In Islamabad, the illegal construction sites have been demolished. The illegal occupation has been unseized. Many kanals land of state property has been retrieved.

CDA on this Friday carried out a major operation in Model Town to retrieve nearly 200 kanals of land from the land mafia.

It is worth appreciating that Islamabad has been ranked 2nd most secured city in south Asia. Apart from security, CDA has put its great efforts into making the world’s 2nd most beautiful city.

Reviving Natural Beauty

On the commands of Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan is reviving its natural beauty. He launched Miyawaki forests keeping in view the benefits of forest for the country. Moreover, instructions for plantation have been forward throughout the city under the clean and green Pakistan drive.

Vision of the Prime Minister

In accordance with the vision of the Prime Minister, CDA has so far planted over 400,000 saplings across the federal capital along highways, intersections, green belts, drain slopes, educational institutions, and parks.

Some saplings of six feet in height were also planted in specified locations including Fatima Jinnah Park, Park Enclave, Diplomatic Enclave, Srinagar Highway, 9th Avenue, 10th Avenue, 11th Avenue, Margalla Road, Margalla Hills National Park, and Islamabad Highway.

When it comes to developmental status, Islamabad has achieved a high-level development with high-rise buildings, wide roads, paved streets, flyovers, interchanges, etc yet there are continuing efforts for further development of Federal Capital to make it stand out in the world.

Capital Development Working Party

As for the latest news, Capital Development Working Party (CDWP) is going to organize a meeting on Tuesday (Sept 14th, 2021) for discussing the execution of several important projects that are needed to be approved.

According to the details, the following projects will be presented for approval.

  • PC-I of ‘Islamabad Bus Service’ project.
  • Provision of Sanitation machinery.
  • Formation of public toilets.
  • Construction and renovation of highways.
  • Widening of roads, flyovers, and underpasses.


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