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Challenges face by real estate industry in Pakistan

Challenges face by the real estate industry – Real estate is the core/heart of the business industry. It is the biggest source of revenue. If we say the real estate industry is the backbone of the economy then it will not be wrong. Every business has its pros and cons.

Likewise, If we keep an eye on the real estate sector what are the core challenges faced by realtors,

  • misinformation about the real estate sector, and less awareness of technology and its benefits.
  • Limited real estate education resources.
  • Growing need for real estate regulatory authority RERA in Pakistan.  
  • FBR increasing the evaluation rates.

Now how to overcome these challenges?

It is well known that honesty is the best policy and hard work is the key to success on an individual level.

We can improve our quality services through honesty and pay full attention to our work because work should speak rather than words.

On the next side there is a need to introduce proper degree education in the real estate industry for better understanding and advancement.

Training and workshop of the realtor is also necessary to develop a professional attitude. Moreover, the government can enforce policies for RERA through a proper structure.

On the other hand, the question arises

Is it a suitable/ good career to adopt?

Yes, it is, it is one of the most highly lucrative careers. If you have good communication skills and a passion for the business you can lead it. It just needs comprehensive understanding once it is built it can be pursuing a demanding and profitable career at the same time. 


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