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How Real Estate Industry Can Overcome Unemployment In Pakistan

The Pakistani real estate industry plays a key role in economic growth. According to the World Bank 60-70% of the country’s total wealth is the assets of the real estate industry. The real estate industry is considered the backbone of the country’s progress and economic stability. Learn more about How Real Estate Industry Can Overcome Unemployment In Pakistan?

By a report from the nation’s newspaper, the estimated size of the real estate sector in Pakistan would be $300-$400billion.

On the other hand, the unemployment rate in Pakistan is 5-6%, this is a small ratio as compare to the potential of the real estate industry in the country it can easily be managed by introducing good policies in the real estate and education system because a good business idea can provide thousands of job opportunities.   

The real estate industry has the potential to provide business opportunities for people who have an interest in business both at the micro-level and macro-level, i.e. work as agents and can be associated with any organization or make their own business startups.

As it is well said that “becoming your own boss is better than anything else”. However, In this way lack of facilities and awareness become the biggest harder. People have a business mind.

Sometimes they have good ideas in their mind. However, due to lack of finance, the ideas not being able to be transformed into tangible forms. Large Investment is not the core thing always. Sometimes smart work can do wonders.

 This has become easier in the contemporary world by using digital gadgets and connecting with the internet. The youth can do wonders in the real estate industry without investing too much capital this only needs a good idea and passion.

There are many examples like, which is an online platform that provides real estate services. Thousands of people are connected with them directly and indirectly.

This provides job opportunities for many people. This helps to overcome unemployment in the country.


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