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Ideas for ultimate Lead Generation and Management

Ideas for ultimate Lead Generation and Management

After getting leads through these sources you have to showcase your product to clients. Make sure you are providing them thorough attention and the best services. If you build trust and have got a good relationship with the client then you will get fruitful results. Here are a few lead generation ideas for real estate & some of the best ways to market yourself in the real estate market to flourish your business. 

Lead generation ideas for real estate

  1. Social Media Marketing i.e. Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  2. Google ads.
  3. Blogs for different websites include national and international sites.
  4. Networking strategies like hosting a party, corporate lunch, and dinners.
  5. Sending gifts to former clients to stay connected.
  6. Sometimes old- school ideas are very beneficial to attract new clients. Billboards and print ads can be excellent source to garb the potential client.
  7. Advertisement of your product should be very artistic. A little humor or eye-popping visuals can help you stand out.
  8. Your friend circle or relatives is a great source of lead generation as they refer you to potential clients.

If you have any telephonic client then firstly guide them about your project, share all the details including location and visuals i.e. images and videos of that project.

Send them greetings on daily basis.

After your first conservation wait for their response for 4-5 days. If they don’t give you any response, call them within a week and ask for their response. If their response is negative don’t get frustrated rather conclude the conservation with good remarks.

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