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Licensed architect/ engineer’s certificate in Pakistan

Licensed architect/ engineer’s certificate in Pakistan, Check Below

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Form A-3

                                                                                             Schedule no.1


  Date of Delivery at Authority’s Office


         The Capital Development Authority,


Dear Sir,

               I hereby apply for a water connection to be given to me for the Plot No: _________________

Street No___________ Sector___________________in________________Islamabad the full particulars of which are given below:

1. Plot No _________________StreetNo_______________________Sector _____________________Area in Sq. meters (Sq.Yds.)________________________

2. Name and address of the applicant_________________________________________________________

3. Size of the connection desired_____________________________________________________________

4. Approximate quantity of water required per day________________________________________________

5. Purpose for which connection is desired _____________________________________________________

I am prepared to pay the water connection charges including the cost of the meter and shall be bound and abide by the regulations and orders for the operation and control of the water connection and the meter as issued by the Authority from time to time. I further agree to pay the cost of water consumed by me at the rates fixed by the Authority.

Yours Faithfully,

Allottee  ______________________

Address: ______________________


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