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NADRA to develop biometric verification system for purchase, sale and transfer of property in CDA

Nadra to Develop Biometric Verification for CDA

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) have signed an agreement on the development of Biometric Verification System (BVS) at NADRA headquarters.

The agreement was signed between NADRA Chairman Mr. Tariq Malik and CDA Chairman Mr. Amir Ali Ahmed.

NADRA biometric verification

NADRA will develop biometric verification solutions for the sale, purchase and transfer of property and complete the deployment process. The system will help reduce counterfeiting and eliminate fraudulent attempts to transfer property in the Islamabad Capital City through illicit means or individuals. The CDA handles approximately 20,000 real estate transactions annually.

Chairman Tariq Malik

Speaking on the occasion, NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik said, “With the launch of NADRA, the digital ecosystem of digital IDs will enable citizens to exercise their rights in both physical and virtual situations. They are proving who they are. ”

Importance of a biometric verification system

Highlighting the importance of a biometric verification system for property transfers, Malik said that the biometric verification system is a digital system aimed at helping to reduce counterfeiting efforts and risk and prohibit transactions in property transfers.

Facilitates the provision of public services in the prevention of. He said the deployment of the digital biometric system would identify illegal buyer efforts by ensuring the identity of the buyer and seller. AND He added that the deployment of biometric verification system would not only bring transparency in the CDA system but also meet the “know your customer” standard in property transactions.

He said, “Biometric technology is a strong unique identifier that can be used to quickly and easily verify the delivery of a service. NADRA’s biometric identification system will provide accurate identification and reduce illegal practices and violations within the Capital Development Authority. With this type of security system, property transactions are only affidavits. Not from, but through biometrics verification. ”

Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed

Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed said that the ongoing digitization plan of CDA has been further strengthened by our partnership with NADRA.

It is noteworthy that the technical capability of NADRA in the field of Information Technology and Data Management has been recognized not only nationally but also internationally where NADRA is one of the foremost integrators. ۔ NADRA has successfully completed a number of projects of national importance and has also successfully completed a number of international projects which have made Pakistan famous.