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Things to Consider Before Investing in Any Real Estate Project

Before taking any decision related to anything, one must think about what is it? How can it be done? Whether the decision would come in favor or not? What the implementation strategies and most importantly the budget in the pocket for implementation because nothing is done with just the thoughts in mind, there should be material along with the strong determination and creative strategic mind to get the success in any field. So one must know about the path he is going to choose before stepping in.

The projects with the most positive outcomes related to investment are Real Estate projects. For doing the investment what quickly comes to mind? The location? Its beautification? Its marketing rumors? Do not ever consider just these quirky things while investing your sweat-earned money. There is a lot more to check and verify before getting the way to the investment market.

Here are some of the important points that may lead you to make the right decision.

Property valuation:

Property valuation includes is an assessment of your property’s value, based on the location, financing options, listing price, taxation, insurance, and investment outcomes. This can be done by researching, getting in touch with brokers or real estate agents, and brainstorming such as comparing the prices and investment outcomes of similar properties, determining anticipated cash flow and budget for the construction.

Verify location:

Location is the prime factor that values a lot in the investment field and that’s why the marketers focus on every single point that illuminates the location factor in the project. For example: to grab the attention of the person who wants to invest in a commercial area would be told that the area of interest is populated and has many access points which ultimately make the investor think the site holds more benefit opportunities. But there are some marketers/ agents who do not provide the right information and try to drag the investor in the lane. To avoid any kind of fraudulence, one must take thorough research on the location and must give it a visit for a proper check.

Non Objective Certificate (NOC):

When getting the area or location guide, one must ask the agent for a Non-Objective Certificate (NOC) from the related authorities to check whether the layout has been approved or not. This is a matter of serious consideration because investing in illegal properties is just idiocy. For Rawalpindi, the concerned authority is RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) and for Islamabad, the concerned authority is CDA (Capital Development Authority).

 Development Status:

Development status is directly proportional to the rate of investment in a specific area. Where their investment is getting into peak the area is getting developed with its full swings. So look before you invest, get the knowledge, after a thorough investigation, invest without delay.

One thing more that comes with development status is that the rates in developing societies will be much lesser than the rates in the developed ones. So, depending on the type of investment, one must get familiar with the development status. For example, if there is someone investing in plots for future outcomes with the exact knowledge of the society getting the hype would be benefitted if invests at the time of development starts but if investing in the commercial area one must know what should be his preference.

Go through the Developer’s portfolio:

The development in a society highly relies on the developers of the society. So, before investing get complete information about the developers of the society. This information includes:

1.       Who are the developers of the society?

2.       What are their previous projects?

3.       What are their successful projects?

4.       How much time do they take for project completion?

5.       What are their ongoing projects?

6.       What is their credibility in handling parallel projects?

Invest in a society whose developer company is highly rated. Moreover, if the developers have taken up many projects at a time, the developmental work can be halted due to the diversion of attention. So, invest after you get to know about each and every detail of the developer company.

Do not rely on marketing techniques

Above all the points, one must not get fooled by the marketing techniques followed by the Real Estate Agents on the social media platforms. To get the business to height everybody is using marketing strategies by either right or wrong information to grab the viewer and investor’s attention. Do not bother the false information on social media instead go through the authentic sites and visit sites of development is highly recommended when it comes to investing in the right place.

So, Think Before You Invest