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Tips for managing space in a small apartment

So you got a new apartment and the space just doesn’t seem enough to fit all your stuff? Do you need help finding a way to fit the things from all those years into space that is barely enough for you? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! We have tips Tips for managing space in a small apartment that will help you make the most out of your new living space.


Get rid of all the useless stuff. Whatever that you think you might need later, has to leave. That guitar you’ve had for 5 years but never had the passion to play, that shirt you bought for a party that never happened years ago but still have, or the empty flower vase that you deep down know looks ugly but still want to keep, it’s time to say goodbye to those things and move on.

Even though it might not seem that way, such things occupy space that could be used for better purposes.


Choosing the right colour is the key to get your apartment looking more spacious. Light colours such as off white, dusty blue, light grey and sage green will give your room a more capacious appearance as well as an attractive look.


Place larger pieces of furniture against the wall. This will leave more space in the room for other things as well as make it look vaster.


If you’re living in a small apartment, you might want to opt for furniture with multiple uses. For example a bunk bed or a sofa-come-bed. The area under the stairs (if the apartment has any) could be used as a storage space. For tables, you could get ones that are easily movable and foldable.


Using room dividers will allow you to make maximum use of your apartment space by creating sections within the room. The sections could then be separately used as a bedroom and a dining area, or any combination you wish.


Raise your bed a little higher and make use of the space under it. It could be used to store stuff within boxes. And can easily be hidden by hanging the sheets a little lower. A great idea for storing without any additional costs.


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