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Top construction companies in Islamabad Pakistan 2023

A good construction company is essential for constructing a house or commercial building, but it’s not an easy task; it comes with many challenges. The demand for commercial and residential properties has been increasing over time in Pakistan. So is the need for reliable real estate developing and top construction companies in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Construction companies are a growing economic sector in Pakistan, creating job opportunities and employment for the local marketplace. f

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Criteria for good construction companies in Pakistan

Construction projects can be complex, time taking and multi-layered but can be perfectly executed with the following components.

  1.  Planning
  2. Commitment to Quality
  3. Resilience 
  4. Highly skilled engineers 
  5. Timely execution of the projects
  6. Teamwork
  7. Advanced construction equipment.
  8. Reliability 

Services they offer 

  • Consultancy
  • Builders 
  • Labours
  • Architects 
  • Civil engineers 
  •  Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Managers of various ranks 

Types of construction companies in Pakistan

There are four main types of construction companies in Pakistan that facilitate the clients accordingly.

  1. Real Estate planning and strategy developers
  2. Consultancy companies 
  3. Renovation companies 
  4. Builders. 

If you are looking for the best construction companies in Islamabad, then this blog is for you. 

7 Best construction companies in Islamabad 

  1. Imarat Group of companies
  2. Habib construction services 
  3. ZKB Engineers and Builders
  4. Jaffar group of companies 
  5. Sardar Group of Companies 
  6. AH group of companies
  7. AAA Builders


1. Imarat Group of Companies 

Imarat group of Companies is a UK-based private property company.

This Imarat Group of Companies is one of the most reliable and trusted construction companies in Islamabad and all over Pakistan. It has been standing tall in the construction industry for 15 years and has delivered excellent work in the real estate industry. 

The Group of Companies also received the award for leading the construction and real estate group at ICCI Achievement Awards. 

Their construction projects are hot-selling real estate projects in twin cities.

Hot selling Projects

  • Golf floras
  • Amazon outlet mall 
  • Florence Gloria
  • Mall Arabia
  • Imarat builders mall

2. Habib Construction Services 

HCS is also one of the top construction companies in the twin cities and a well-known name in the real estate industry.

They provide services on a large scale and work on heavy infrastructure development like bridges, roads, highways and mega complexes.

Habib construction services are highly skilled and have a professional team.

3. ZKB Engineers and Builders 

ZKB Engineers and Builders is a construction company known for its professional commitments and fast progressive development of real estate projects.

They deliver their projects on time, placing them among the top construction companies in twin cities. 

ZKB Engineers and Builders have done several projects with the Capital Development Authority, especially the construction of the M1 Motorway is the delineation of this construction company.

4. Sardar Group of Companies

Sardar Group of Companies is a  well-known and one of the largest construction companies in Pakistan founded in Iraq. They have invested in Pakistan’s prominent and leading construction projects. 

Sardar group of companies stands tall and bright among the top construction companies of Islamabad with more than 170 complete development and construction projects.

They are providing brilliance and high-quality development results. Centaurus Mall is also one of their most exemplary and top-class projects. 

Their famous projects 

  • Centaurus apartments
  • Taj residencia 
  • Movie pick 
  • PakGulf Pvt. Ltd.

5. Jaffer Group of Companies

Jaffer Group of Companies is one of the oldest construction companies in Pakistan, founded in the year 1948 in Karachi with more than 1000 employees and has different offices across Pakistan. It is the most experienced construction company with over 150 years of distinction. They also work in collaboration with international companies. 

6. AAA Builders 

AAA Builders is a remarkable construction company known for its professional commitments and fast progressive development of its projects.

Builders is one of the top listed companies that aims to provide the best services in Pakistan with the most innovative constructors and skilled engineers striving to achieve the best.

7. AH Group of companies 

AH Group of companies has delivered four successful projects within the short span of two years and Aims to provide the best services in Pakistan.

The AH Group of companies has a team of professionals and skilled engineers and is known for their timely execution of projects. 


So, if you plan to develop any commercial or residential real estate project in twin cities, this list of top construction companies in Islamabad will help you out.

Choose the construction company according to your need and demand from the above list. 


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