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Wapda Town Islamabad

WAPDA town Islamabad (Pakistan water and power development authority) is an employee’s cooperative housing society registered with circle registrar co-operative ICT Islamabad on 05.09.1983. #1978-81/CRI/B. Vide letter no. Misc/CR/ICT/B/1047dated June 2006.

It was established through a parliament act in 1958. It is under the control of the government. WAPDA Town features all the necessary amenities such as water, electricity, gas, sewerage treatment plants, waste disposal, and proper roads for all its residents.

The main boulevard running through WAPDA Town is 150 feet wide, while all other roads are at least 40 feet wide. The Society’s land falls in CDA proposed Sector C-18/19. Extension Zone- II and Islamabad.

Wapda Town Islamabad

Main Objectives of WAPDA

The main objective of this department is to maintain a constant water and electricity supply to our nation so people can live comfortably and enjoy a smooth life. For this purpose, WAPDA is divided into two major domains as WAPDA and Pakistan Electricity Power Company. These two domains are responsible for the management and proper supply of water and electricity.

Area, Block & Plots

WAPDA Town is divided into different blocks from Block A to Block E. Almost all the necessary amenities such as electricity, water supply, green belts, and an eco-friendly environment along with a waste management system are available in WAPDA Town. Covering approximately 520 hectares, WAPDA Town offers 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots for sale.


It is located about 35 KM from Zero Point Islamabad towards the beautiful location on the Northwest Islamabad. Situated near the Paswal-Sangjani Motorway Interchange, the housing scheme connects to the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1). Through this highway network, society residents are allowed easy access to the airport.


  • Rawalpindi Housing Society is situated at a drive of 5 minutes
  • Army Welfare Trust Housing Society is located at a drive of 8 minutes
  • D-18 ECH is located at a drive of 11 minutes
  • B-17 Multi the garden is located at a drive of 13 minutes
  • Margalla View Housing Society is situated at a drive of 17 minutes
  • Islamabad International Airport is situated at the drive 36 minute

All Basic Facilities Available

Fully functional sewerage, the water system, telephone lines, TV cable, street lights, and internet network are provided in the project.


Proper gates for entrance and exit with 24-hour active security guards are always on duty. Security cameras are installed in different major locations in WAPDA town Islamabad to overcome any uncertainty and to avoid things that can destroy the comfort of its occupants.

Food Courts

There are state of the art Food courts formed in different areas to facilitate people

Shopping Malls

There are various Shopping Malls designed in the project that caters to all the utility and retail needs of the people living in society.

Schools and Universities

Government Girls Primary high The school is located in Block A of WAPDA Town Islamabad to provide quality education to its students near their homes.


WAPDA town contains a library with a large collection of books on diverse titles such as management, sciences, computer, finance, engineering, Islamic, historical, and many more. Children can also enjoy reading books according to their taste.

Distribution of Land/Area

Residential Area acquires 2285.94 Kanals which is 54.95% of the whole land area of WAPDA Town. Commercial acquires 57.30 Kanals which is 1.38% of the whole land area of WAPDA Town.

Green Belts, Parks, Lake & Nullah acquire 294.57 Kanals which is 7.08% of the whole land area of WAPDA Town.

The Grave Yard acquire 85.12 Kanals which is 2.05% of the whole land area of WAPDA Town. Public Buildings acquire 127.06 Kanals which is 3.05% of the whole land area of WAPDA Town.

Roads/Parking acquires 1310.01 Kanals which is 31.49% of the whole land area of WAPDA Town. The total land area of WAPDA Town is 4160.00 Kanals.

Plots in different blocks of WAPDA Town

S.NO Size of Plots No. of plots Rate
1 25*50 465 23L To 30L
2 35*65 2571 35L To 65L
3 50*90 1107 55L To 1.10CR
4 75*120 68 1CR To 2CR


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