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West Facing Houses Pros and Cons | Determine house direction

One needs to consider a few elements before building or purchasing a west-facing house; What ought to be the plan and design of the structure? Which one is better: a west-bound or east-bound, and what are the pros and cons of living in west-bound houses? So everything you need to know about West Facing Houses Pros and Cons.

The orientation of your home face influences the amount of sunlight it receives, energy efficiency, heating and cooling costs, home maintenance, and many more. Before settling on a more astute decision, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons to assist you with deciding whether west-facing residences are ideal for you.

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Determining the direction of your house

The direction of the house is identified by using a compass or standing at the main door. You can quickly assess your home’s direction by standing in front of the entrance and looking in the direction you are facing. If you are facing the west direction, it is a west-facing property.

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West Facing Houses Pros and Cons

There is a widespread belief that houses with a westward orientation are terrible. People have different perceptions that homes facing one direction are auspicious while facing another is inauspicious. 

This misconception stems from a misunderstanding of the subject and incorrect placement. So, let’s get right into the benefits and drawbacks of west-facing houses:

Pros of West-Facing Houses

When it comes to a West-facing property, one of the most important factors is the main entrance. It is the primary doorway through which cosmic energy enters a home, and it significantly impacts the lives of the people who reside there.

1. Early morning sunlight: 

  • The back of a west-facing house receives morning sunlight as the sun rises in the east, while the front of a west-facing house and garden receives afternoon sunlight.
  • If you are sun-sensitive, you can spend some time on the lawn in the morning with a cup of tea.
  • The beauty of a sunset is unmatched; you can enjoy it with your loved ones in a peaceful way after a long day at work.
  •  You can hang out your damp clothes on a clothesline to dry in the backyard.

2. Enjoy shady mornings

  • The front of west-facing houses is dark throughout the morning, which is ideal for enjoying a sound sleep.
  • The west-facing house receives more sunlight in the evening. You will love watching the sunset every day, sitting outside and having a lovely meal with your loved ones as the evenings are warmer owing to the garden’s sun exposure. 

Cons of the West-Facing House 

1. A Gloomy House in the Morning

 Generally, it is dark at select evening hours, but a lot of people require sunlight in the morning to wake up and be energized. If your bedroom and kitchen are on the west side of your house, the gloominess may be bothersome.

2. Overbearing sun

Shade-loving plants grow best in partial sun or shade, and too much sunlight can be detrimental to the growth of a plant. Excessive exposure to sunlight tends to turn the leaves blotchy. 

Thus, If you are particular about your plants, they require a great deal of attention during the hot summer, so you must keep an eye on them to prevent overabundant sun damage. 

3. Higher Utility Bills

The rooms at the front of a west-bound house can get extremely sweltering in the summer. The back of the house will be in the shade from early afternoon onwards, which will worsen in the winter months.

The house gets too hot in summer due to the long hours of sunlight it receives from the west makes the house too hot inside.

You can block out the curtains to keep the heat out, but the rooms facing the garden require air conditioning and fans to cool down, adding extra to your electricity bill.


All the directions are equally suitable for orienting a house and if a west-facing home is good or bad depends upon housing plans and your personal preferences or whether you require more or less sunlight in your home is your choice.

One can enjoy the warmth and radiance of the evening sun in a west-facing home well into the night, improving your mood and bringing the same level of positivity and good vibes. 


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