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Where to Buy 5 Marla Plots in Islamabad, Pakistan

Where to Buy 5 Marla Plots in Islamabad? Are you also looking for a trusted place to invest your hard-earned money for future benefits but do not know where to find one? In this era of high inflation, it is no wonder that we all want to have beneficiary assets. But the biggest problem is finding a trusted place with reasonable prices to invest. A place where you know your money is safe.

For this, if you are willing to buy a 5-marla plot in Islamabad, you should know where to buy one. In this guide, I will thoroughly go through some emerging societies that provide you full custody of your land and have the finest facilities to offer at reasonable prices.

Where to buy 5 Marla Plots in Islamabad? Check out the list below!

1. Blue World City

The Blue world city society is designed to be Pakistan’s first-class tourist destination. So with the partnership of  Shan Jaan Municipal Engineering Company and in collaboration with the Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). 

There is still ambiguity about whether the society is NOC approved or not. The Blue World City Islamabad Society has many unique tourist attraction spots that are exact replicas of some of the famous spots internationally.

It is a highly profitable zone for local and international traders as it sits next to the CPEC route. Since the society’s launch, it has been developing swiftly, and the prices are rising due to limited land area and premium facilities that come with it.

You can buy a 5-marla plot here at their General Block and Sports Valley at a fair price on reasonable monthly installments.

Pricing of Plots 

1. General Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 1,090,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 99,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 10,901

Commercial – Total Amount – PKR 6,600,000

  • Down Payment PKR 600,000
  • Monthly Installments PKR 66,000

2. Sports Valley

Total Amount – PKR 2,000,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 150,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 23,750

3. Overseas Block: 

Commercial – Total Amount – PKR – 9,400,000

  • Down Payment – PKR – 940,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR – 94,000

All of these plots are sold on a four-years payment plan. 

2. Capital Smart City 

This society has ranked as the No. 1 housing and investment society for local and overseas investors.

The society is based in Islamabad with cutting-edge facilities. It is developing continuously and is designed with a prestigious infrastructure.

It is a joint venture of two well-known urban organizations; Habib Rafique Group and Future Holding Development. 

The area of Capital Smart City is selected strategically to provide the residents and investors with easy accessibility to Islamabad International Airport and Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2).

Just like many other societies, Capital Smart City Islamabad also offers residential and commercial plots of 5 marlas at affordable rates.

The NOC of the society is also approved, so you need not worry about your money when planning to buy land here.

Pricing of Plots

1. Overseas Prime II: 

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 3,150,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 315,000
  • Monthly Payment – PKR 30,000

2. Executive Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 2,850,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 285,000
  • Quarterly Payment – PKR 190,000

The plots are both available for sale based on quarterly and monthly installments.

3. Rudn Enclave 

Rudn Enclave is the new emerging society based between the twin cities. Society has been developing swiftly for the past few years with rising prices. Right now, it is among the hottest real estate projects in the market.

This is because the society is based on the vision of raising the living standards of low-income earners in Pakistan and is only 0km away from Ring Road.

With Rudn Enclave, every person willing to own his own home can now make his dream come true.

Society has recently gotten its NOC approved and is now an official society. Like all other societies, it has all the basic amenities one needs.

But there is something more, the natural beauty of two dams surrounding Rudn Enclave; Khasala Dam in the northeast and Jawa Dam in the southwest.

What makes it even more outstanding is that they are working with 

  • NESPAK (PVT.) Ltd,
  • RMRSO (PVT.) Ltd,
  • New Leafs (PVT.) Ltd,
  • Al Haq Builder & Developers,
  • and UPDL (PVT.) Ltd

For luxurious and futuristic developers.

The society is said to be launching an Overseas Block soon, with its plotting criteria.

Moreover, it offers a wide range of plots at very affordable prices, and among them are five marla plots, both residential and commercial.

Pricing of Plots

1. Executive Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 1,450,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 290,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 21,145

2. General Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 1,200,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 240,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 17,500

The payment plan for both blocks is for four years.

4. Park View City

This society is situated in the heart of Islamabad. Park View City is surrounded by the natural beauty of Islamabad’s hilly mountains, allowing you to enjoy the serene views.

It has its NOC approved by CDA in Zone IV of Islamabad. Society has all the exceptional amenities required for living. It is developing continuously due to more and more people investing here.

Like any other society, Park View City offers world-class residential and commercial plots with all the basic facilities required for living.

The society is a project by the Vision Group, owned by Aleem Khan. Due to its location, you can easily access it via Kurri Road and Bani Gala. Furthermore, it is located on the opposing side of Bahria Enclave. 

It can be easily accessed via Jinnah Avenue and has an easy route to Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, and Islamabad Highway. This housing project offers you high-profit returns at a reasonable investment price.

Pricing of Plots 

1. F-Block & H- Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 10,000,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 2,500,000

4 Quarterly Installments – PKR 1,875,000

  • Total Amount – PKR 9,000,000
  • Down Payment – PKR 2,250,000

2 Quarterly Installments – PKR 3,375,000

2. J-Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 7,000,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 1,750,000

4 Quarterly Installments – PKR 1,312,500

3. Hill Estate Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 8,500,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 2,125,000

8 Quarterly Payment – 795,875

All the prices mentioned above are for five marla plots.

5. Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley is a part of the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme and has become one of the most trusted societies in the twin cities.

It is situated near the Chakri Interchange M2 (motorway) and Islamabad Airport, which makes it a prime location for purchasing land.

The continuous development of this finest city makes it a superb place for investment for high future returns.

Moreover, it is only a few kilometers away from Rawalpindi Ring Road, Thalian Interchange, and Rawalpindi Cadet College. 

Embellished with all the necessary living facilities and the housing scheme of Former PM Imran Khan makes this society the best place to call your new home.

The Kingdom Group owns the project, which is famous for its outstanding projects. You can easily find five marla plots at reasonable prices here on a four years payment plan.

Pricing of Plots

1. General Block:

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 975,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 75,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 5,250

2. Overseas (Executive Block):

Residential – Total Amount – PKR 1,500,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 150,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 18,000

6. Usmania Forts

Usmania Forts is a newly emerging society. It is built on the vision of the revival of our rich cultural and traditional history. The society is based on the Turkish theme and will be a fantastic spot for tourist attractions.

The development of the society is handled by SA Builders & Developers, who are known for their rich history of endeavoring projects.

The NOC of the society is yet to be approved, but given its trustworthiness and efficiency, the Usmania Forts society will soon be approved.

It has scenic views and will be full of grand facilities to accommodate the life of its residents.

In the heart of the society, you will find a Cluster Block inspired by the beauties of Istanbul. Society will soon develop into a magnificent and luxurious place for living.

Usmania Forts is situated adjacent to M-2 Motorway and has direct and easy access from Thalian Interchange.

These few points are more than enough to be its prime selling points. Since society is new and the development is fast, the prices are very affordable for low-income earners.

Pricing of Plots

1. Residential Plots: Total Amount – PKR 2,100,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 315,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 19,000

For now, these are the only plot prices released overall with a 4-year payment plan.

If there are any new prices, we will keep you updated.

7. Top City – 1

This residential project has enjoyed steady and fruitful growth since 2021. The Top City – 1 is a Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC) project.

The society is situated in a prime location for its residents. It is on the southern side of Srinagar Highway, near the New Islamabad International Airport. 

Moreover, it is also at the junction of M 1 and M 2 motorway routes. All these aspects make it a profitable selling area with excellent future benefits.

Top City is a NOC-approved society and is developing by leaps and bounds. Besides its location, the society is also equipped with all the luxurious facilities required for living.

It has theme parks, shopping malls, health and educational complexes, and much more. The investment benefits are also high, thanks to its prime location and affordable prices.

Pricing of Plots

1. Residential Plots: Total Amount – PKR 4,500,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 450,000
  • 5 Half Yearly Installments – PKR 1,350,000

8. 7 Wonders City 

As the name suggests, the 7 Wonder City is situated in Islamabad and is based on the theme of the 7 Wonders of the world.

The society has many spots as prominent tourist attractions. It is a new emerging society owned by Mr. Irfan Wahid.

GFS Builders and Developers are developing the project. The society is NOC-approved and is located near Nova City. Due to its suitable location, it can be easily accessed from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

7 Wonders City is near M 9 Islamabad-Karachi motorway, making it a prime location to buy land. But this is not all, and the society is close to Bahria Town Phase 8, M-2 Motorway, Kanial, Rwp, Bango and Qutbal, Attock, Dhok Korak, and is right next to CPEC Route, Ring Road Interchange. 

The society has all the premium amenities required for living and provides excellent investment opportunities.

Pricing of Plots

1. Residential Plots: Total Amount – PKR 1,850,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 185,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 12,950

2. Executive Block: Total Amount – PKR 2,200,000

  • Down Payment – PKR 550,000
  • Monthly Installments – PKR 45,833

The payment plan mentioned above is for three years.

9. Islamabad Sectors & Different Housing Societies

There are many housing societies and sectors of Islamabad that are selling five marla plots at various rates. At some places, the rates might be high, while at others, you can find land at affordable prices.

Many sectors like E, F, etc. were completely untouched, but now they are also developing with time. Other societies, like Graceland Housing Society, Taj Residencia, Airport Housing Society, etc., offer five marla plots at an affordable rate with high future profits.

The prices can be as low as PKR 2,000,000 to as high as PKR 4,500,000 and can even reach crores, given the place and its amenities.

Final Verdict 

In the era of inflation and escalated prices where property rates are touching the sky, having your own home in Pakistan’s capital is a dream come true.

Currently, there are many emerging socialites in Islamabad with different plot prices and facilities, but there’s a lot of confusion about where to make a secured and profitable investment.

The nine societies mentioned above are the newly emerging societies that offer five marla plots at affordable rates. These reasonable prices with societies’ development will offer great future benefits.

Among the mentioned ones, Rudn Enclave and Usmania Forts are the hottest topics in the real estate market. The societies are new and have low plot rates, making them ideal for many low-income earners of Pakistan.

Now you can also have your own home, invest in any of the nine mentioned housing societies, and enjoy the luxuries of your future life.